CashCode Bill Acceptors

CashCode branded products include highly engineered bill validators such as the BackLoadSM/MSM and the CashCode one™ and the SNR bill recycler.

CashCode started developing bill validators in 1991 and has continued its work with award winning products and patents. In 2000 CashCode introduced its first frontload bill validator and continued its developments to meet the global realization of multi-width currencies and engineered a truly automatic multi-width note alignment mechanism. In 2003, the company revolutionized several industries with their bill recycling technology, spawning an entire new line of products.

Today, CashCode branded products are manufactured in Toronto, Canada and used globally in multiple applications and markets.

CashCode VU Bill Acceptor
CashCode VU Bill Acceptor
The Cashcode VU Stackerless bill validator verifies bills without housing them into a cassette. Product features include: a validation rate of 96% or greater on first bill insertion, tool-free service access, and a beltless transport system. The Stackerless can be used in Vending, Transportation, Amusement and other applications.
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CashCode SM2005 Bill Acceptor
CashCode SM2005 Bill Acceptor
A new flexible approach to your payment solution needs. CashCode’s BackLoad SM 2005 series bill validators are the most versatile, reliable, high-performance bill validators on the market.
Features: Superior acceptance and security, Four-way bill insertion, Complete transport cycle at only 1.7 seconds, Installs in an up or down stacking configuration.

CashCode SM2005 bill acceptor
CasahCode SM2005 Bill Acceptor

CashCode Front Load Bill Acceptor
CashCode Front Load Bill Acceptor
The multi-width FrontLoad bill validator uses CashCode's patented self-centering transport guides that automatically adjust to, and perfectly align bills of different widths even when fed at an angle, ideal for countries with multi width bank notes. It validates bills and stacks them into a lockable-removable cassette. The FrontLoad is secured inside to the back wall or sidewall of the retail kiosk machine, with easy front access to the cassette when the host machine is open.

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CashCode One Bill Acceptor
CashCode One Bill Acceptor
A truly universal FrontLoad platform. The CashCode one™ is offered in one universal design regardless of the country, currency or protocol.
Now OEMs and operators need not stock and inventory different models. This universal solution reduces logistic and support costs, while improving overall performance, reliability, and future proofing. This utilizes our newest hybrid polymer / metal cashbox design making this a truly light weight and drop proof design.

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ICT GP-58CR Thermal Printer
ICT GP58CR Thermal Printer
The GP-58 mini thermal printer is the ideal solution for any redemption ticket printing requirement. It is able to operate in both pulse and serial modes, can be easily configured for customized tickets, and is easily mounted directly to your machine
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ICT GP-58CR Mounting Plate
ICT GP58CR Mounting Plate
The GP58CR Mounting Plate comes in Silver or Black color. This Plate is used when Installing the GP58CR Thermal Printer on a wooden cabinet.
Easy to install and comes with all the hardware.

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ICT GP-58CR Pot o gold Cable
Printer Serial Harness allows an ICT GP-58R Thermal Printer to be used with a POT of GOLD Game.
The legnth of the cable is 18".
ICT GP-58CR Printer Paper Rolls
ICT GP58CR Thermal Paper
The GP58CR printer paper is made in the usa with premium quality paper.
Buy the 50 pack and save 0.50 Cents per Roll.

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